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Thread: Stezza's 3*2*2 low tech tank

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    Default Stezza's 3*2*2 low tech tank

    Hi guys,

    Long time member but first post
    I have learn so much from this awesome community and i thought i should contribute.

    Ive been in the hobby for awhile but I've mainly just kept it as my own personal escape from the daily grind.
    Only recently have i been sharing my interest with other like minded people and I am a bit surprised at the local popularity especially with natives.

    Ive recently upgraded my main tank from a 3ft curved front, to a much deeper square 3ft*2ft*2ft. My amazon swords were getting way to big and i needed more space.

    I am very lucky to live in northern NSW and have access to awesome creeks and very rich volcanic soil of Mount Warning. I especially like natives and shrimp.

    Anyway here is the scape.

    Lots of filter wool and local laterite -

    First rock has lots of caves and crevices -

    Extremely heavy 2nd rock, trying to create more caves -

    Added local drift wood and fibreglass flyscreen behind rocks for retaining substrate -

    Added Bunnings scoria pebbles, smaller driftwood for roots and Amazon swords -

    The swords had runners so i prematurely cut and planted them (yellowish front left). Added java fern, java moss,Crypts and anubias (right side) from a different tank. I then added local iron rich river gravel, dinosaur dung, cycled media in a stocking, a few corys and a goldfish.

    The tree trunk has moved as its zip tied to the rocks and is still buoyant, I think I prefer it on an angle.
    I also added a thin layer of smooth black pebbles.

    Stocked with 12x Angelfish (Black/platinum), 20x corydoras (Panda/sterbai/peppered), 5x Clown loaches, 6x dwarf neon rainbows, 6x red-finned blue eyes, 8x spotted blue eyes and 4x ottocinclus catfish. Removed the goldfish.

    Equipment is
    2x 3ft unbranded waterproof led's, a 1000/lph external canister, a 400/lph internal and a 200w digital display thermostat heater.

    Thanks for listening
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    Looking good Stezza. Great progression of photos there. The tall tank suits those angels.

    Looking forward to see updates as you go along.

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    Nice work!

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