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    Hi All,

    Fairly new here with a question regarding algae growth and control.

    I've got a few tanks set up, but one in particular is giving me grief. It's a 28L Blue planet aquarium I bought some years back when I was first getting in to fish keeping. I set it up about 8-9 months ago as a shrimp tank. It's CO2 injected, and fertilised (dosing below). It's got some absurd E14 fitting in it so just has a standard daylight colour 7W LED bulb in it. I'm struggling to control the green spot algae that appears on the glass, particularly around the CO2 diffuser. I do a water change each week and find that by the time it rolls around the sides and glass are coated to the point where it starts to make the view through it noticeably unclear. In contrast, my blackwater tank planted with anubias, swords and java fern grows nearly no green spot and i find that i clean the glass once every month or two.

    The substrate is Fluval stratum planted with a carpet of monte carlo. There is a large piece of drift wood with a significant amount of java moss coating it. There are currently no other plants. pH sits around 6.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, and nitrates 5-10 depending upon how late in the week it is, GH and KH are both low, around 2 degrees. Temp is 26 degrees and lights are on for 1 hour in the morning and 5 hours at night. Stocking is 10 cherry shrimp, 5 harlequin rasboras and one x-ray tetra that hitchhiked in at some point.

    I'm currently dosing Seachem ferts in line with the recommended dosage and frequency
    Flourish 0.4ml 2x/week
    Phosphorus 1.25ml 2x/week (double recommended dose)
    Potassium 0.8ml 3x/week
    Nitrogen 0.35ml 2x/week
    Iron 0.5ml 4x/week
    Excel 0.7ml every other day

    So I'd love to get some opinions on whether this algae growth is normal in a CO2 injected, fertilised tank. It seems excessive to me and I wonder I may have a problem with the fertiliser dosages, or with the lighting. Unfortunately it's becoming more and more of a chore to look after and has ceased being enjoyable.



    Edit: Sorry, just found the algae section. Feel free to move this question there if more appropriate. Also, CO2 bubble rate is 3b/s
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    I think you will probably have to increase phosphates, maybe CO2 and reduce light. I find that nerite snails can aid in reducing GSA. Bristlenose are good but too big for your tank.

    Algae growth is 'normal' in any tank. I think some tanks can be balanced to reduce algae to a minimum with some skill, technique and luck.

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