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Thread: Planaria without Chemicals

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    Default Planaria without Chemicals

    hi everybody,

    just wanted to get some input into ways i could potentially deal with a steadily growing planaria outbreak in my shrimp only tank.
    normally i'd dose a healthy bit of no-planaria, but i've got nerites in the tank too, so its a no go at the moment

    aside from manual removal, anyone have other methods?


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    Hey man how many nerites have you got? Any pics?

    The nerites I've seen are quite large so my suggestion is to just remove and bucket em while you attack the planaria.

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    Planaria grow when there is lots of organic matter in the gravel (fish food & waste). The easiest way to control them is with regular water changes and gravel cleaning. Try doing a 75% water change and complete gravel clean each day for a week. You will reduce the food and they will stop breeding out of control.

    Reduce feeding and give your filter a clean if it hasn't been done in the last 2 weeks.

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    Depending on the shrimp you are keeping i suggest against 75% water changes.

    Just keep the tank and filter as clean as possible and only feed the minimum required for a while.

    I am not sure how much difference it make but try and throw in a planaria trap.

    Just remeber that if you treat with something like no-planaria no matter what you do you will be left with residue. That's fine for the shrimp but maybe not for the snails.

    FYI i have double dosed no-planaria with CRS and had no noticeable deaths.

    IMO a few planaria are unavoidable in a shrimp only tank no matter how 'clean' it is. Normally fish would keep them at bay so they are not normally noticed.

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