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Thread: Redclaw Yabbies Appreciation

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    Default Redclaw Yabbies Appreciation

    Hi Guys,
    I haven't posted for a while because I have been doing some projects in the back ground.
    Thought I would share my most recent new project.

    I have these redclaw from Dave and I thought for a little colour I would try them with Some plants.

    So far they haven't touched the plants that maybe because there are so many snails to sort out.

    There is more then one but this is my favourite
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    We catch them by the bucket loads up here in the Pilbara. Alright to eat with a bit of garlic butter.
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    Iv also caught and eaten my fare share, will catch and eat again !
    I have also kept a 4ft with a 2inch river substrate as these guys like to dig themselves in !
    I'm currently looking for the maroon blue yabbie let me know anybody who has any! Plz

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