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Thread: Redoing my tank.

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    Default Redoing my tank.

    So I was over the silica sand and decided to change to black iron sand.

    I sold off all fish except for my pair of Panduro (considering moving them on too).

    My plant list wont change much and the only plant in the substrate will be Red Lotus' with lots of pieces of DW with Anubias. Only Nana and Nangi at this stage but will add some others later on.

    There is also a small amount of moss as I removed most of it. It grew waaayyyy to fast and I was sick of trimming it. At least all of the Fissiden stays kinda short.

    I am now thinking of maybe a colony of Cherries, maybe Yellows? and some CPD. I would appreciate some tips on breeding CPDs as I have not kept them before.

    I eventually want either some Checkerboards, Dario Dario or a really nice pair of Blue/Neon Rams. I have not seen any around in quite some time though.

    Anyhoo tank is cloudy AF at the moment but I will post some better pics after it settles. Here is what i have so far...


    Empty Tank:

    I gave the wood a good clean:

    Wood and plants:


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    I think i've got some spare black iron sand if you want it (free). Got it with some tank setups I bought ages ago and never used it. PM if you're interested and i'll send you some pics to confirm it is the one you're after!

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