So we've had many questions about this and have been promising it for a while and now it's here, a chihiros style ultraslim panel with power leds for punch and rgb colour tunable leds for colour tuning, the best of both worlds in one ultraslim footprint light. Available now and don't forget your Aquarium Life 10% discount, use discount code al10 at checkout.

Costs more than Chihiros but we are not trying to compete in that space, the build quality and leds on our ultraslim are in a different class, ultraslim sleek anodised all aluminium body, tempered glass (not plastic) underside and stainless steel fittings and of course the 1W power leds on board with a perfect full spectrum for planted tanks and a bunch of rgb colour tunable leds for colour tweaking and a sunrise/sunset controller option. No body and splash guard warping like Chihiros when it overheats and no plastic parts, built to perform and designed to last, runs luke warm at max!

Specifically designed to produce high light for high tech planted tanks up to 45cm deep or low tech planted tanks, community tanks and paludariums up to 60cm deep. Available in 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm lengths and we'll also be releasing a marine version for coral tanks in the next few days.

So what's the difference between this and our XB2 combo panels that also have power leds and rgb leds? The XB2 panels use 3W power leds instead of the 1W power leds on the ultraslim and XB2 also have a range of optic lenses to punch down to metre deep heavily planted tanks, the Ultraslim has 120 degree lenses locked in and can't reach the same depths as the XB2 panels. The Ultraslim series are cheaper then the XB2 series and suit many tanks, we also have them as a twin panel system for very wide tanks.