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Thread: High tap water pH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod View Post
    RO water is reverse osmosis. Basically a very fine membrane that can filter out most of the dissolved solids leaving almost pure water
    You can buy filtration units and diy...or some LFS sell it and there are vending machine that sell it too (there is in Brisbane)

    As suggested buy some SuperChlor(sold on-line at Tech Den) and use it at each water change. pH will likely drop over time unless you have a buffer in the tank
    ie calcium carbonate substrate(most white substrates are)

    Do you Know pH can change day-night especially in planted tanks as plants use CO2 during the day giving off O2 and this reverses at night
    So would RO be the softest water possible? I thought having some dissolved minerals and things was a good thing?

    My substrate is 60% ADA La Panta and 40% inherited dark soil, I think some type of amazonia as it looks like little balls.

    And pH would be affected by something like Seachem Excel right?
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    RO is very very soft but not 100% pure water.
    Most fish and plants need some dissolved minerals.....mixing tap water with RO water just reduces the concentration
    Some fish (Wild bettas) I use 100% RO water....but these aren't in a planted tank.....they are in black water tanks with lots of decaying leaves
    Very low acidity.

    I don't know what Excel does to pH....but unfortunately trying to target a specific pH can be dangerous as I explained earlier

    My bet is if you have soft alkaline is likely to turn acid as the tank ages....more so than if your tap water was Hard Alkaline

    IS you tank heavily planted? measure ph first thing in am and last thing a night.....could be quite a difference

    Adding CO2 to a tank will increase acidity......

    For fish I really don't see pH as important as Total dissolved solids (conductivity) but may be different for plants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod View Post

    I don't know what Excel does to pH....
    No direct effect.

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