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Thread: 2 foot cube tank, stand, lights, PRICE DROP $300

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    Default 2 foot cube tank, stand, lights, PRICE DROP $300

    Hi folks,

    Doing a bit of a clean out and selling my 2 foot cube planted tank and accessories as follows:

    2 foot cube tank - Custom made G & J Maher tank, in 10 mm glass. Very heavy and well made. There is some slight calcium haze marks on the glass but they disappear when wet. Relatively clear of scratches apart from right down along the substrate line where I must have had some grit in my cleaning sponge one day.

    Timber cabinet painted black, open back for easy access to power points etc.

    2 x Hagen Glo 2 foot twin t5 high output fluoro light units. Currently contain 3 tubes, but might need replacing.

    Cannister filter - ProAqua CF-1500u, turns over 1500lpm. Really quiet operation. Needs a new UV light tube if you can be bothered with that side of things.

    Price drop $300

    Edit: just realised the glass lids arent on in the photo. There are two, equipped with a slide back function.


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