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Thread: Plant ID? Berowra Creek

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    Default Plant ID? Berowra Creek

    Hi all.

    What is the bright green plant in this short video? Potamogeton crispus (but doesn't look curly enough)? It was entirely submerged - no floating leaves

    Also seen are, I think, P. ochreatus and Egeria densa.

    Here's a nice patch of Hydrocotyle tripatita found in a more shaded area further downstream
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    I see a mix. There is a small amount of P. ochreatus in there. Its the one with long straight leaves ~5mm wide.
    The majority with the wider pointed leaves I think may be Potamogeton australiensis

    ...did you collect any?

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    Grubs, yes, I think you're right. P australiensis. It looks just like the pic in that thread, and the pic in your biotope thread. I've only seen it once before in the Sydney area, decades ago

    I took some, but don't know how I will go growing it though - it was in water about a metre deep and I only have some shallow outdoor tubs going at the moment. I'll give it a go.

    I agree with what you said about this genus being underappreciated. Having "weed" in their common name, like so many Australian plants, certainly doesn't help. Says something about the Australian attitude to the environment that we've called so many plants "weeds"

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