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    I have several glass bowls of devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) and I was thinking of placing some of them in a cold water and tropical tank to provide cover for the fish and possible improve water quality, can anyone tell me if this is a positive step or would prove detrimental to the fish.

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    Not sure on the scientific name of your plant but presumably its the same devil ivy we used in the shop. We had the roots in the substrate but the plant out of water and it did well. Didn't lose any fish so should be fine.

    break a leaf off the plant and if it weeps sap then don't use it.

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    Is it this plant in the video?

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    I don't know about actually submerging them but you can certainly get them to put their roots into the water and live quite happily from nitrates in the water. Don't know if they make a great impact as I don't measure nitrates, pH etc.
    I would caution you though. It is not Devil's Ivy for nothing. Mine put its roots into the foam under the tank and left marks on the table as well as into the carpet. And yes, it is the above plant.

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    The stuff we used looked similar but was longer. Presumably its the same plant but he is using cuttings/ baby plants, whereas ours was older and had long runners all over the place. we trained ours up a piece of driftwood that sat in the tank but stood out the top about 4 feet. And it spread across the polystyrene foam backboard we had there. I like the guy in the video, he recommends feeding them to cats. Good video guy Sorry, I'm not a cat lover.

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    Hi, Thanks for all your responses, I've planted it in the tropical tank, it's totally submerged and so far so good. will keep an eye on it and if no issues I'll try putting it in a coldwater tank with goldfish.


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