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Thread: Black Ghost KNifefish with cichlids?

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    Default Black Ghost KNifefish with cichlids?

    I have a tank of mainly South American Cichlids and catfish. Had a Black Ghost Knifefish once before in a tank of smaller fish and it took to sucking or poking the eyes out of fish so I had to get rid of it.

    Just wondering if I could put one in my cichlid tank and would everyone be safe. My cichlids are about clenched fist size

    Thanks in advance

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    What sort of catfish and cichlids do you have in the tank?

    Black ghost knife fish can get to about 1 foot long and will eat smaller fish at night. If you feed them well at night, they will be less likely to pick eyes and eat small fish.

    How big is the tank, and how is it decorated? Is there driftwood with hollows for the knife fish, etc?
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