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Thread: Hola! Sydney, planted nano, low-tech

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    Default Hola! Sydney, planted nano, low-tech

    Hullo all!

    I was a member here about ten years ago when I lived in Melbourne but for the life of me I cannot remember my username! I had severe MTS but was forced to give everything up when my relationship exploded (which was ultimately a good thing but I was sad to see my beloved planted 3ft go). I moved up to Sydney in 2013 and ignored the call of the tank until about a year ago when someone on reddit was giving away a sweet little nano set up that I couldn't say no to! :rolleyes: So I figured I'd pop some driftwood, bit of java fern, a better and a couple of otos and let it go.

    It was a great plan until I wandered into a LFS on the weekend, had a total blackout, and wandered out with new plants, some tetras, more driftwood.. :wow:

    My current set up:

    30cm cube with built in filter, heater, LED light
    ADA (I think?) substrate
    River rocks
    Java fern
    and a heap of that freshwater seaweed stuff
    6 ember tetras
    1 betta
    4 otos

    Yes I know this is a large fish load for a small tank, but my levels are all good, I've got excess filter media and there are spots for everyone to hide and play in. It's a happy and healthy tank :fish1:

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    Hi and welcome back

    That's not a lot of fish for that tank. I had 30litre tanks with 50-100 young fish in when I was breeding them. I just did more water changes to compensate for the fish. You have 6 small tetras, 1 male betta and 4 catfish. pfft, that's nothing

    I feel sad for you. Getting another aquarium. You do realise that this is the beginning of the end. One tank now, another one next week, then another, then another. By the end of the year you have a fish room. Then you are hiring people to help with the water changes and feeding. You're asking for trouble

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    I think that's plenty of fish for that tank. I'm not a fan of overstocking especially with such a small tank.

    My concern is with the Ottos. Your tank will not have enough natural food for them. You will need to make sure you are feeding them appropriately.

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    My ottos love blanched kale/Mulberry (so do my shrimp). I am about to try spinach soon. [ All grown in the garden ]

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    Thanks, I'm definitely ensuring they have algae wafers to supplement their diet. There's plenty of surfaces and driftwood for them to nom on as well. They are all thriving and have lovely round bellies

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