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Thread: WTB co2 regulator for kingkeg 2.6kg

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    Default WTB co2 regulator for kingkeg 2.6kg

    As the title says, I'm looking for a working regulator to replace my faulty one (:
    Postage to 2177, name your price.

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    Hi mate. if you go to the kegking website, you can order one of the reg's which they sell and which suit the kegking cylinders. They're cheap, but I've not had any probs with mine. Delivered to you for less than $100.00 from memory.I've experienced difficulties getting a seal on the kegking cylinders with regs that use a rubber o ring. The ones you can buy from the keg king website are the type with the hard nylon seal and require a spanner to tighten onto the cylinder.

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    I was going to post for sale a near brand new tunze co2 regulator with a few extras for $150 plus postage. Pm me if interested and Iíll go through it all with you.

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