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    I consistently have green fluffy algae growing in my tank. Mostly it is on my drift wood but occasionally on the rocks as well. It looks a bit like blackbeard but isa rich green colour. When I pull it off it usually comes away in a clump.

    Does anyone know what algae this is and the cause? I haven't been able to find any reference to it on the interweb.Cheers.

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    does the algae grow tall or is it really short like a nicely mown lawn?

    long green filamentous algae is fine and common in some tanks. It comes in from spores on plants or ornaments and is harmless unless you let is smother everything. A lot of fish will eat it or breed in it and it can easily be removed by grabbing clumps of it and lifting out of the tank.

    short green algae (like a nice lawn) is simply green algae and nothing to be concerned about. Any algae eater worth its weight will happily pick at it all day long.

    If you don't want the algae on the ornaments you can take them out and either boil or bake them to kill the algae off.

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