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    Default Hello.......Again!

    Hello All.

    I'm returning to the hobby of aquria landscaping and fresh water fish keeping after a 4 year hiatus. B----y work gets in the way of a good time I have been a member of AL since 2012 I think. I have 1 of the original caps that were printed incorrectly and given away freely at the time).
    My tank (4 foot x 18 x 18 inches) was severely neglected, however, all fishes lived and thrived, as did most of the plants!!!
    I have recently taken a position within the company I work for that has a little less travel (I travel all over the world for work), so I now have a life again (I hope).
    So......what has inspired me to return to the hobby you my ask? I have just returned from holiday's and where I was camped I saw a whole lot of local Rainbows and cheribin. Well , I caught a few of each and the colors were like nothing I had seen on a Rainbow! Striking lime green and gold striping on the fishes. As I had no way of keeping them, I let them go and I will return to gather specimens for breeding another day. DO NOT ASK, I WILL NOT TELL WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED!!!!
    Anyway, I arrived home from said camping trip with a whole new outlook. I cleaned the tank, filters, and gave the fishes a little TLC. Cleaned the glass, removed dead or overgrown plants and generally had a good clean up of the tank. It now looks like someone actually loves it and now it is CLEAN!!! But the mini ramshorn snails are a problem. I will probably set up a second 4 footer and move live stock there, while I strip and rebuild the original tank, and get rid of those snails. After which I would like to set up a native tank and try and breed some fishes (preferably Rainbows).
    YES YES YES, I do have MTS ( Multiple Tank syndrome).

    Cheers for now ( I'm too "TANKED" to continue...Get it? Haha).


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    Hey Ian
    Welcome back to the hobby. Would love to see some photo's of your setup as it is and follow the progress of the natives breeder (especially shots of the above rainbows). Photobucket does not work anymore so you will have to use something else like Flickr.
    There is a thread on here somewhere that Rebel outlines how to get rid of mini ramshorns. I think it involved a mini nuclear weapon and burning his house to the ground (well he did move states just after lol). If you tear the tank down and re scape it then reintroduction of the snails is the thing to avoid. Rebel has that sorted.
    Good luck.

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    Grab some yo yo loaches - good to clean the ramshorns up

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    Hi Ian, I read your post and only saw 'mini Ramshorn snails'. You need to go an rampage and kill them all before you begin. Bake that substrate and nuke that tank. Start new and enjoy a tank without any infestation.

    Welcome back!!!

    Would love to see pics of that cap.....

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