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    Hey all,

    I came back from holidays to a pleasant surprise.. 3 new fish!!!

    My Bronze Cory's have been spawning madly for a few months but I assumed the adults, along with the Dwarf Gourami's had polished off all the eggs. Obviously a few have survived and even then grown up a bit.

    I haven't got any clear photo's yet but i now have 2 small 6-8mm cory's and one a bit larger at around 10mm.

    <Why cant I link photo's from Google drive? Seems a silly restriction>

    This is the best image i have of them as yet. You can see the tail of one of my Neons for size comparison.

    Obviously i didn't notice these guys prior to Christmas (was a busy time) but i cant believe they have grown from eggs in the past few weeks. Any guesses how old they might be now?


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    Where are the photos tho? Try flickr or FB if you can.

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    I cannot see your pic but they grow monstrously fast even if there is seemingly no food for them. So they may be younger than you think.

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