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Thread: Melbourne Tropical Fish Aquarium in Dandenong

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    Hi all,
    I'm a bit of a lurker on here
    I hope i'm allowed to post this, if not, please remove.

    I am very passionate in trying to assist local Australian business in this great hobby!!
    I run a small aquarium maintenance business and I have been giving some assistance to a shop in Dandenong in Melbourne called Melbourne Tropical Fish. This shop has been around for over 20 years as a trade importer selling to shops. The original owner got quite sick about 5 years back, but tried to keep the business going with what strength he had. Unfortunately the illness was too great and he passed away in 2017. At this point, the shop really hadn't been trading in nearly 3 years, but he had left the shop and all it contained to his Son. It has obviously been in a state of disrepair for quite some time

    They are now trying to revitalise the shop and open it to the public! While it is going to take a while to get it back on its feet properly, I thought it would be a nice idea for this great community to get behind a LFS that wants to offer anything it can back to the local community and hobby!
    He is wanting to support local breeders and growers in trading their stock to the public at reasonable prices, so if you are a local breeder or serious at growing aquatic plants locally, they'd be happy to speak to you!

    Right now they only have a small range of south american fish like Discus, tetras and angelfish, Asian fish like Barbs and Silver/Rainbow sharks and a great range of African Cichlids in both common and more obscure breeds all at realistic prices. Marine and Reef setups are coming soon for those that like to dabble in both. They are still ranging dry goods, but they do have a range of Vitalis foods, Sera foods, Frozen foods and some Tetra branded foods available. They also have a range of Aqua-Pics conditioners and Biotope water treatments in stock. They have a really good sale on fish for the new year running at the moment too and some really nice Anubias planted drifwoods at the moment for some ball tearing prices.

    The shop is located in Factory 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road, Dandenong VIC.
    Please help support your local LFS no matter where you live in Aus, they help us drive our passion!

    Thanks for taking the time to read!


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    I'll keep them in mind Mac
    I just offloaded some goyder and UKR rainbows
    to a fish store!

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    Thanks Adam,
    I'm sure they'd appreciate any support ��

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    Hi All,
    Its now been a few months, and Melbourne Tropical Fish are steaming along nicely! They still have a lot of work to do, but prices and quality have been awesome!
    On my last visit, I bought:

    2 Discus
    3 Khuli Loaches
    Lrg Amazon Sword

    All up it was $140, where I would have paid $130 for 2 Discus most other places. And the quality was great too! I believe from talking to them, they are getting in a range of the ADA products and tanks, so that will be interesting to give a go in one of my planted tanks!
    They have been getting small shipments of Marine fish in, but really need a little more customer support with that, but they will do custom orders of both Marine, Fresh or Brackish water species and plants.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read, and if you go in, mention that you saw the info here.


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    Thanks for the info Mac, will keep it in mind & check it out whenever I go to ikea, only 15 more mins drive

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    Same, will keep these guys in mind as I do see them advertise on Gumtree every now and then.

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    Okay I checked it out a couple of days ago, it’s not easy to find & lucky I’ve got GPS

    I would love to get some guppies - they are cheap only $2.2 or $2.5 something like that, tanks are clean & fishes seem healthy, I was told they are fed with Tetra food.

    But unfortunately can’t cause new tank still cycling, and I’m a bit anxious to put them into my shrimp I only bought 2 driftwood & a small tank for quarantine, price is good, and son is very friendly & helpful.

    In my opinion, seeing Doug the puffer fish in itself is worth the trip! He is so cute, gorgeous, follows your finger & plays with you!! If he’s for sale & I were an experienced fish keeper I would love to take him home!!

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