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    Hey guys and gals.

    New here to forums, mainly dig around Facebook for information but after scoping out some threads here I really wanted to be apart of it.
    The current tanks I have set up are a 6ft housing a Green terror, Black diamond and 4 Severums.
    I also really enjoy keeping shrimp. I currently have a 60l cherry tank and very soon will be setting up a Carbon rili cube style aquarium. Iíll be hanging around largely around the cichlid/shrimp sections.. especially need help with the shrimp very much a rookie there. Looking forward to getting to know all you people!

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    Welcome Howden!

    Show us some pictures!

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    Welcome Howden

    Hope you enjoy your stay here with us

    Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
    No pictures on your BSS advert? Then be prepared for it to be deleted ( read the rules )

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