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Thread: Help Please..Pond Disaster

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    AOA, completely agree.

    I have forgotten the hose many times; INSIDE THE HOUSE. That's the only reason I knew I forgot the hose.

    Once I left my irrigation system continuously on for two weeks while I was away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ageofaquariums View Post
    Forgetting a hose is the easiest thing to do in the world.
    The big plus is, unlike myself on the weekend, your forgotten hose was at least outside......
    I've done the inside also a time or two but at least my tanks are on tiles.

    On final inspection there is a complete loss of fish in the pond and the one yabbie that lived there.
    I'm just about to do a check on the ammonia to see if i have missed any fish and if it all checks out then i will net a few WPP from the tank to add.
    Pretty sure the prime that i added was mixed before the pump started up but just to be sure i will be treating it like an uncycled tank for the next few weeks and monitoring it regularly.

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