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Thread: How to remove solenoid?

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    Default How to remove solenoid?

    Hi, would anyone know how remove the solenoid from this co2Art regulator?

    I've tried turning the pictured bolt anti-clockwise with no success, it won't budge and I'm just stripping the bolt. I bought the unit second hand and it has a leak at the solenoid, so I'm trying to take it off to clean and reattach it. But I can't find any instructions online for how to remove it.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Best to ask them. How old is the unit? In theory its still under warranty regardless of age.

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    Need more pictures without the clamp and wood in the way. Do you think the exposed nut you are butchering is a nipple? If so it may be sealed in with locktite in which case you need a lot of force. A tight fitting socket wrench or ring spanner might have more grip and not round of the shoulders but it may be harder now that you've damaged it. There are lobed sockets that are designed to work on rounded off nuts (e.g. Metrich). Do you know exactly where its leaking from? this thread? CO2Art have very good customer support. Worth asking

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    The ring end on a spanner might be the go. It may have thread locker on it which will ruin your day a bit.
    If you want the whole solenoid off though, I'd say you undo from the nipple on the regulator side.
    Chris -my tank

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