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Thread: Summer Tubbin(g) 2017

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    Hi everyone, I've had a few pms about the Summer tubbin situation etc. I thought I'd create a thread for everyone to share their setups. Pls tell us which state you live and your temperature parameters etc.

    I don't formally summer tub at the moment but have a few sneaky shed tanks which probably cost a bomb as I had them heated over the winter which went down to -7. Pics to come.

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    Here is my setup
    - 220L hydroponics nutrient reserviour
    - timber brace
    - suntif polycarbonate lid
    - sponge filter
    - egg crate to lift plants off the bottom

    Temp seems consistent now, even with a 8c overnight the tub has maintained ~14c+

    IMG_20171014_170653123 by [url=]

    IMG_20171016_125910437 by [url=]
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