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Thread: Sump filter fixing?

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    Default Sump filter fixing?


    I have been lucky enough to receive a Tank from a friend needing to get rid of it (it was left with him and he's not interested)

    It has an inbuilt sump and sump tank, its just missing the plumbing to connect the main tank and sump tank and missing the pump to return the water

    I have somewhat of an understanding of how sumps work and am keen to have this tank's sump running Im just not 100% on some of the specifics of how the plumping should run?

    The tank has a square section in a back corner that has the water oveflow into the start of the sump cycle, this square section has 3 holes in the bottom that looks like its meant to have the plumping installed through.

    Why would there be 3 holes?

    1 for the sump intake
    1 for the sump return
    1 for....? a secondary intake that is used for draining the tank or someother auxillary need?? (my best guess)

    My other main query is regarding the specfics of the plumping
    I'm imagining my sump intake will start around the height I would have my tank water level, (or slightly below)
    this must travel down the box section and through the hole in bottom of tank to sump

    for the return I was imagining i would plumb that back up the hole, up the box and over the top back into the main tank?

    would all i need to run the return be a standard powerhead riggged into the start of the return, sitting in the last bay of the sump?

    Hope this makes some level of sense
    Any tips or insight greatly apprectied

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    Its basically this tank (same brand)

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    ok so the "box" section i keep referring to is the weir (yay I'm learning)

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    Hi Hethro
    Looking at the link you sent, as your photo's dont show up with photobucket, the three holes in the bottom of the weir are for
    1: Sump return. Pipe to be set at the level you want the tank water to sit at. This has a tap on it so you can adjust the return flow and hopefully get it quiet.
    2: Backup sump return. Set slightly higher than the first and with no tap or restriction in the pipe so that if the main line gets blocked the tank does not fill up and overflow.
    3: Return line from the sump. Connected from a submersible pump, not powerhead, in the sump and going over the weir, preferably with some type of directional head on it.

    Ok so thinking about this a touch more 1 could be set as a full siphon like a Beananimal return system. To save a wall of text here is a link

    The return pump sits in the last bay of the sump along with heaters, dosing pumps and anything else that you want hidden from view. CO2 can also be in there but will be less efficient with a sump or air stones if you keep fish that require high O2. There are 100 ways to set the sump up so that will require a bit of googling on your part.
    Good luck and keep taking photo's but put them on a different hosting site.

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