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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiethqld View Post
    thanks bigdaddyado, just googled that filter and omg looks impressive.. would gave been hard pushed to let the minister off finance release the funds for that at present but see how i go. thanks for the advice tho.
    I think I bought mine maybe 6 or so years ago and it hasnt missed a beat. It is also still completely silent.

    As for cycling I suggest seeing if you can get a handful of seeded filter media from some kind soul and mix it in with your new media. There is no faster way IMO. Just make sure to keep it moist and get it into your filter without delay.

    What sort of set up are you aiming for?



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    Have you made any progress?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiethqld View Post
    slowly.. lol tank and cabinet delivered, just needs to be sanded a bot and painted then we can add some h2o and fill it up.. the wife had to choose the colour for the cabinet as its location on the from room, i wasn't too fussed as we will be looking at the tank once it is filled and has fish in it, lol. we hope to have it filled and commence the cycling period by next week so will keep you updated,
    filter, heater snd some ornaments purchased. bought a ph test kit for now as i am unsure which fish i will purchase once ready. any advise on test kits etc?
    additives to assist cycling time of water before i introduce fish into the tank?
    API Master test kit is what you need! Will help you get through the cycle! Seachem prime to treat your tap water. And I've heard people recommend Seachem stability to boost the cycle but I havent used it. Wouldnt be necessary if you manage to get some bio media from someone.

    Any stocking plans at this stage?

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