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Thread: help with picking a black sand

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    Default help with picking a black sand

    hello everyone, i would like to use black sand as my substrate, i have access to Ilmenite, magnetite, and silicon carbide. has anyone used or heard of people using them?? just trying to find out if they are safe to use or not.

    also if anyone has any other black sand products they've used as a substrate let me know

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    Substrates aren't my area of knowledge so I'll leave the technical talk to someone else, but something I have seen and heard a lot of first hand recently is very, very fine substrates (in particular "iron sand" From Pisces(?)) causing stunted plant growth due to roots just not being able to penetrate it. Keep that in mind when getting a substrate that's not too typical for aquarium use.
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    I used Diamond black quarts 2-4mm. Which has 100% aquarium safe on the packet.. No idea if there's any truth to that or not. I guess I'll know in about a months time.
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    I have used Tahitian Moon Sand in the past. Looks fantastic !!!

    I was even considering it for my recent set up however 40kg of the stuff was a little cost prohibitive.



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