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    Soon I will be changing my cold water aquarium in to a native cold water aquarium, I have removed all my no native but I am unsure with a few remaining species. I will be changing it to more accurately represent the wild habitat of my Murray river rainbows and glass shrimp. Any ideas on the plants below would be great.

    My tank in need of change.

    Plant found around Newport lakes, Melbourne, also some Murray river rainbow

    Plant collected in Darebin creek, thing its Potamogeton spp

    Green water Lilly from Palm cove area, north Queensland, this plant seems to grow fine in cold water

    Myriophyllum spp in background plus more fish

    This plant I have no idea, collected in a bog in Darebin area

    close up of Myriophyllum spp

    Maybe val spp found in native nursery in Newport, Melbourne

    Water Lilly form North Queensland, Palm Cove area
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    Well probably need some more detailed photos for positive identification.

    Pretty sure pic no. 2 is Ranunculus inundatus

    pic no. 3 might be a Potamogeton sp. ?

    Cool assortment of native plants you've got there. If you can provide some larger, better lit photos we might have a better chance of IDing them properly.

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    Pictures are not displaying for me... all broken links.

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