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Thread: Air pump recommendations?

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    Question Air pump recommendations?

    Hi all, I have 4 shrimp aquariums that are currently using internal and Hob filters.I have decided to go with bio sponge filters and wondering if anyone can help recommend a decent airpump that can be used for four different aquariums?(all of them are in the same room) one is a 16 litre cube tank,another is 20 litres, my 60 litre cherry tank and 28 litre taitibee tank. any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.quiter the better
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    I bought one of these recently.

    4 ports, good air flow, quiet but not silent but the tanks its running are not in a living space. It has adjustable air flow too so you can quiet it down a bit. It runs 4x 380 sponges in my 70 litre tanks no problem.

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    I would go straight to something larger like the AirLab ev20. Plenty of air and you could add 6 more sponges to it in future if needed. They are also very quiet!!

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    If you are moving up to something larger, a petworx 301 would be my pick of the bunch as far as bang for buck, noise level and reliability. Cheap, popular and a big company so you can be sure you are gonna be able to get parts for far into the future.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, ill have a look into those 3 to see which would suit me best, ill probably only have 1 more tank but that will be it as i have run out of room XD, i had a look at the pondpro looks good but its sold out.also cannot find the petworx 301 only smaller models, might have to go with the ebay one for now.
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