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    Hello dudes, it seems that new things are constantly popping up in my tank. Any idea what those two types of worms are?

    Type 1: relatively short, fat worms. Usually hide beneath the gravels, sometimes stretch out the first third of the body (greyish and semi-transparent, fat) and twist/wave back and forth.

    Type 2: dark red, very long and thin, popping up the first half and mostly remain static in the water.

    There's a third type, which I presume is the blackworm: black/grey, long and thin, usually show up the head from the gravel and constantly probe surroundings before dig into gravels again. Never stay static in the water like Type 2 worms.
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    Hi. I think pic 1 is a planaria (planarium?) but not altogether certain, type 2 is either going to be blackworm or tubifex. I regularly see planaria and blackworms but never magnified this much. Blackworm can be variable in coloration pale to red.

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    Thanks for the reply dude, type 2 is probably one of the two, though which one is hard to say, more likely they are 'red' blackworms I guess. Type 1 is not a planaria, because it doesnt have the distinct head structure on planaria worms. It has nothing on either end, no head, no sucker etc.. Planaria worms also do not twist/wave from the gravels, which this worm does in a digusting way. Neither worm is harmful to other inhabitants in the tank though.

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    Solved. The first worm is a leech in juvenile stage. Caught an adult today with a clear sucker on its head. Didn't know leeches could hide in gravels before.

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