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Thread: The Bridge to a New Hobby

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    Quote Originally Posted by minhties View Post
    10 points for your light stand! haha very creative!
    Thanks minhties, the bend would be much cleaner if I found a conduit bender tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Of Destruction View Post
    Thanks Rebel! What kinda ferns do you reckon I should use?
    Trident and maybe mini java.

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    Thanks, will try to get some!

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    Default UPDATE: 1 month - 28/05/2017

    It has been a month since I added trident java fern and bolbitis. However, they still seem to be melting and have not sprouted any new leaves.

    The red tiger lotus is now massive! I am contemplating on removing it entirely.

    Everything else is growing very nicely, my SAE has stripped the walliichi of all it's leaves.

    I also tried adding a piece of gold vine towards the front but it felt out of place.

    I still need to spray the light mount black, ziptie the cables and change the intake to a glass pipe. Also still thinking of what to add in terms of livestock.

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