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    When I was a young child, fishkeeping began for me through my brother. He had set up a small freshwater tank with a single Anubias Nana plant on a beautiful piece of driftwood. The tank was stocked with Red Cherry Shrimp. I found it delightful to observe the little critters munching away on cucumbers and algae. One day however the tank was smashed in an accident and the shrimp all died.

    A few years later, I stumble upon aquascaping. After a night of binge watching The Green Machine videos, I decided to give it a go. A cousin and the brother had given up on the hobby so I inherited all the equipment I needed to get me started. A couple of friends also had some leftover supplies.

    With no plans in mind besides the fact that I wanted a stone to be partially emersed, I proceeded to bank scoria ontop of some leftover ADA power sand and a mixture of ADA powders in a 45cm cube.

    I then added an assortment of stones, a piece of driftwood, aqua soil and sand. Although I couldn't pull of an emersed stone with what I had, I was pleased with the arrangement so I left it as is.

    After half a week of staring at my scape, a lot of things started to bug me so I decided to restart. This time around, I browsed the web for inspiration and devised a plan.

    Firstly, I decided on the livestock. I definitely wanted to keep shrimp again and the Taiwan Bees had caught my eye. Especially the Shadow Pandas. Ottocinclus, Threadfin Rainbowfish and Spotted Blue-eyes also had me interested, but I have not yet looked into compatibility.

    For the aquascape itself, two rocky cliffs hills linked with a rock bridge ontop of a sand river.

    In regards to plants I have only decided on lawns of Dwarf Baby Tears for the foreground and a lawn of Dwarf Hairgrass.

    Being on a tight budget, I had to use what I had. Therefore there were some different shades of rocks.

    I started by outlining the different areas with Corflute, which will also help keep the substrates from combining or collapsing. I recycled the Scoria and Powersand mix from the previous setup to build height.

    I smashed a stone up into smaller pieces and stuck them together to construct an arc.

    Arranged some stones and added some extra soil I found on sale.

    Corflute dividers to keep substrate from collapsing and also to keep plants from intertwining.

    I decided I wanted to dry start the tank and made some orders through Liverpool Creek Aquariums:

    Hemianthus callitrichoides - Dwarf Baby Tears
    Lobelia cardinalis 'Small Form" aka Lobelia 'mini'
    Hydrocotyle tripartita 'japan' mini
    Eleocharis "Belem" - Dwarf Hairgrass
    Persicaria sp. "Sao Paulo"
    Anubias nana Petite
    Rotala indica aka Ammannia sp. 'Bonsai'
    Taxiphyllum - Mini Christmas Moss

    The order came in with double the amount of Dwarf Baby Tears and triple the amount of Dwarf Hairgrass. Very happy! I proceeded to separating and planting.

    I then sealed the top of the tank with cling wrap, added two Up Aqua Z30 30cm (temporary) and began my dry start.

    Two weeks later, the Dwarf Baby Tears, Dwarf Hairgrass and Anubia nana Petite were doing well. However, the rest of my plants had melted.

    I stumble across an ad for a free 2ft tank, five minutes away from my home...

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    All I can say is..... I am waiting with my mouth open, for the next installment, and this installment hasn't even begun.

    All hail the lord!

    [ You should apply as writer for GOT ]

    PS: I have plenty of plants for you to try and dry start. Send me PM if keen. :P
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    The name Lord of Destruction and a brothers tank accidentally smashed, coincidence?

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    ^^^^ haha
    I'm liking where this is heading, its looking good. I'm sure some bees and otos will be fine, and the oto's are likely not to go after the babies - due to their mouth location and diet. The threadfins may pick as a baby shrimp, but they will leave adults alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Of Destruction View Post
    I stumble across an ad for a free 2ft tank, five minutes away from my home...
    Hahahaha and so it begins...

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