Saw some great little wooden stick co2 diffusers on youtube (just search "wood co2 diffuser") recently that seem to produce great fine bubbles and look pretty/aren't made of fragile glass, etc. These guys use hardwood/Rowen sticks/some kinda broomsticks. Any ideas for any Aussie trees that'd just be growing nearby (Adelaide specifically) that I could snap some twigs off or look for dried/dropped stuff on the ground? I guess the hardest thing is finding the perfect size for the tube...

Any other ideas for suitable wood would be great. I know chopsticks are an option too but from videos I've seen, they're not as fine bubbles. Maybe I'd just need to try a few different ones and compare?

Also curious if anyone knows how much pressure I'd need to push co2 through wood? I'm going to try some of the $30 DIY co2 diffusers on Ebay + plastic bottles + bicarb/citric acid.