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Thread: Simple DIY Cover for Raised Ponds

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    Default Simple DIY Cover for Raised Ponds

    Over the course of the greenhouse build up until now, Dad and I have been completing many small DIY projects as part of the much larger build. This is one of those small DIY projects I thought was too great of an idea not to share. This is a (very) simple idea which can be applied to ponds of almost any shape. The main benefits of this cover are that it will stop birds from falling into the water, does not blow away and also cuts out some sunlight which keeps the temperature in the pond(s) from becoming too hot (we created this as we lost all our WC P. signifer a few days ago because of this reason). As someone who was using chicken wire bent around each pond and then shade cloth over the top of that held down with planks of wood during the warmer months, I can tell you this is definitely a lot easier.

    A small shared cover (I believe this is 70% shade cloth) between two barrels.

    Excess gravel wrapped in shade cloth and tied off with twine was used as the weights at each corner.

    Small shade cloth butterfly clips (bought from Bunnings) were used to attach the weights to the main cloth.
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    Ah yes a weighted removable shade cover, very nice.

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    I use the inner tube from bicycle tires as elastic ring around drums and round tanks . Your local bike shop will give you old ones if you want to recycle. These are more secure if you have big fish that jump.

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