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Thread: Where to buy cherry shrimp in Sydney

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    Any updates on good quality red cherry shrimps (sakura-fir red) in Sydney????

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    I get mine from Marrickville aquarium and Newtown aquarium St Peters. Pretty awesome shops.

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    I got mine from Norm. I have seen his setup - he is quite experienced breeder

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    I’ve got a mix of Cherry’s in my current community tank with about 200 or so fish. They seem to be multiplying well along with the chameleons, red nose and even my riffle shrimp have managed to breed (I have baby’s living in the Juwel corner filter) I have some of those so called blue dreams (or something that looks remarkably similar) in there too and I see the odd sub adult at times.

    The trick with choosing small fish for shrimp tanks is

    1. No live bearers of any description. (Yes no to endlers, they will relentlessly hunt your shrimplets with extreme efficacy, dwarf guppys and shrimp don’t work)
    2. Nothing big enough to take on sub adults.

    After that it’s fairly straight forward.

    I had a colony of 1000+ Cherry’s in a 300L display, we added two endlers guppy pairs, within 6 months I had in excess of 100 endlers. After 9 months I gutted the tank and found 8 cherry shrimp. 220 endlers of various sizes. The cherry shrimp where multiplying with 150 odd fish in the tank until I added the guppys. The 1cm baby’s I think had the greatest effect as they ate fresh shrimplets and could go everywhere shrimplets could, as they grow they just keep eating bigger and bigger shrimp. While they can’t eat the big adults it’s enough to cause total population crash after 6-12 months.

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    I've seen like hundreds of rare shrimp in Newtown aquarium, bought few king kongs really cheap

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