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Thread: Sydney meet up BBQ UPDATE

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    Default Sydney meet up BBQ UPDATE

    ok here is the UPDATE

    posted by BlindFisherman

    Location: Lidcombe park (This seems to be a reasonably central location for everyone)
    Date: currently set for the 9th of Feb.
    Time: I would think 12-3 or possibly till 4 as any longer than this people seem to filter in and out rather than all being there in a large group.

    There will be a sausage sizzle for a small fee (just enough to cover the cost)

    As usual I'm sure some of the generous members around will rustle up a bit of a raffle/door prize.

    Who is keen?

    On the day for who ever is hungry we will be selling sausages sizzle with onion + drink for $3.00
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    Who's up for it guys everyone is invited don't be shy there a lot of people from different forums join us on a beautiful day with a nice BBQ of course am the chef of the day xD
    If you guys have any question don't hesitate to call me.

    Claudio 0432071207
    will be door surprises of course a raffle so make sure to come in a car
    i don't have that many shrimps but am gonna try to put together something.

    And if you guys have something to sale bring it along as we gonna do buy trade and sell.

    join and have some fun
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    hey there,

    i'd look to come along; have some bits and pieces to trade or move on one way or another... it'd be good if there was an indication that a few more folks were interested?

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    I was keen until I saw the date... unfortunately, I already have something on.. Would otherwise bring CRS + excess plants etc..



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    Across all the forums there seems to be a reasonable amount of interest.
    How do people feel about joining a Facebook group? There we can discuss in a bit more detail what we plan on bringing and also easily coordinate other meetings in future.

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    hi everyone just letting you know who would like to help or donate for the raffle you can call text me or send me a pm or come on the day i will be there around 10 in the morning to get everything set up.

    let me know i let my phone number here for who ever wants to contact me for more info


    henson thats a good idea of the facebook.
    am actually in the process of developing an application for iphone and android so that way when some one or something comes up it will show a push up notification on the app and then will take you stright there

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    Ill try to be there, I dont really have submerged plants anymore to swap but there's a few i'd still like to buy
    Chris -my tank

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    come a long mate there will be heaps of ppl

    the guys are gonna be selling some sausages and drinks just to cover the cost of them

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    Everyone is ready for Saturday ???

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    Hi Guys
    For those that don't know Sam Henson (henson2476) and myself has organised this.
    I am not exactly sure who Mrguppy (Claudio) is…but I am glad he is helping out
    The details of this swap meet is here:

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