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Thread: Aquaponics + Pallet Garden Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel View Post
    any updates?
    Long term bump - what a great setup. Is it still going?

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    Sorry, been a long time since I've been on the forum. Unfortunately, no, the setup isn't operating and hasn't for a few years. As noted earlier , in terms of the aquaponics build, the problems were:

    1. lack of biomass in the water column. Unless you've got 200 doobs swimming around in there, small ornamentals don't cut the mustard IME
    2. rats/possums - never worked out which was causing the damage. Could have been both.
    3. algae clogging the pump causing the water flow to be too low for the grow beds.
    4. Not enough light in winter

    In terms of the pallet gardens, my watering regime was a bit too lax and the very shallow beds dried out way too quickly. Succulents would work far better. In my case the fact the pallet were south-facing meant that light wasn't the best either.

    I still have the tank there with honey blue-eyes, so not all is a total writeoff. Just wasn't the right location for it.

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