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    Hi All
    This month our President will give us an informative talk on Keeping, breeding and feeding Discus. Our president has kept and bred many species of fish over the years, with discus being one of them. He will tell us some of the Myths and fallacies with keeping these fabulous fish.
    I never got the chance to make my first guest speaking appearance last month, Greg's talk was so good we just let him go. So i get to do my talk on propagating Water Lilies this month.
    Hope to see you there.
    Cheer Tony.
    PS will also have a bucket or two of the pond stem Plant Crassula helmsii on hand plus a fact sheet on the plant to give away to anybody that wants a freebee
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    The Crassula helmsii is a local native stem plant, which can be grown in aquariums as well as ponds.

    It copes with very cold (freezing) temperatures as well as outdoor summer heat.

    Hope the talks go well!
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