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Thread: What is this forum for?

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    Question What is this forum for?

    This forum is for all the stuff that grows out up and of the water. It can include anything from purpose built ripariums and paludariums, down to neglected tanks where the water level has dropped and the plants are trying to push the lids off. And it doesn't have to be confined to a glass box, even that old bucket full of Bacopa in the corner of the garden can provide inspiration.

    So post your photos, ask your questions and postulate your theories!

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    Thanks so much for this new section, holotype & other administrators. Emergent growth projects are already quite hard to come by to start with, so its great that one no longer needs to trawl through the 'General' section to find sparse and disjointed threads which usually surmount to nothing. Pooling all of this information in one section is a very good idea.

    Thank you so much!

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