Welcome to the Aquarium Life Photo Competition!

Rules: Please ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification.

If you have any questions about how this competition is run, please start another thread or send a private message to Aquarium Life staff.

* This competition is open to all registered Aquarium Life members.
* Only active members of Aquarium Life are eligible to vote in competitions.
* Prior to declaring a winner Aquarium Life staff will review the results and reserve the right to disqualify any entry suspected of infringing rules or interfering with the voting process.

Entry conditions & requirements

* You may submit one entry. It must be your own work not previously entered in a competition.
* Your entry must be a single photo. No collages or multiple image entries will be accepted.
* Please choose your final entry carefully, it may not be changed after you have submitted it.
* Post your entry in this thread as a thumbnail linked to the full image, or as a preview linked to the full image.
* Please size your image between 640x480 & 1024x768. Previews may be a maximum of 400 pixels along longest side.
* We recommend you use a free image hosting service such as http://photobucket.com/
* Aquarium Life Premium Members may upload their entry as an attachment.
* Please do not ask other members to choose your entry. Have confidence in your own skills and go with your favourite shot.

Image enhancement rules (what you can and can't do in Photoshop etc.)

* You may rotate, crop and resize the image.
* You may adjust brightness, contrast and gamma values.
* You may adjust levels, hue, saturation, curves or sharpen the image.
* You may add a simple border to your entry.
* You may add a small credit to your image - no username sigs please.
* You may NOT use filters, blurs, layers or other effects not specified above.
* You may NOT add any elements to the original photo.
* Any modification you make must be applied to the entire image. Enhancing specific regions is not permitted and can be detected.
* You must be able to supply the original raw image upon request from Aquarium Life staff.

Good luck & happy snapping!