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Thread: Saltwater to Freshwater Aquascape

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    Sounds good man. If filter flow is suddenly impeded, filter floss is most likely the issue. :P

    Please update us as you go.

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    [IMG]Tank by David Burgess, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Update on the aquarium.
    New filter is going great, full diffusion of Co2 and the flow is now running almost 100%
    The BBA and Algae are holding at the mo and I think I am slowly winning without too much intervention. Ive decreased the light to the single 'medium' MML light panel 8 hrs and Ive increased the Co2 to 5 bps to hopefully restrict the BBA growth. Plants are happy, Ill see how they go over the next few weeks and fish are loving the tank.
    May look at a higher output MML later to get the Lily and Bolbitis firing again, they are there but staying small and not growing.
    Ive added 8 Black Phantoms, 5 Otos and a Royal whiptail (poss 2 more to add)
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