or, 'how to avoid having your posts deleted for post padding'.

What is post padding?

This is when a member makes numerous short replies to threads with the intention of raising their post count.

There has been an increasing number of posts of late that have been deleted by moderators for 'post padding' as it is regarded as being disruptive and poor forum etiquette.

How to avoid having your posts deleted for post padding:

- Don't make short posts stating 'looks great' or other pointless addendums. If you genuinely like the post, please tell us why you think it looks great or what attracted you to it. We all have to start somewhere, but please think before posting for the sake of it.

- Don't dig up old posts unless you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

- Don't double post. If you have something extra to add after making a post, please use the edit function to amend your last post.

- If you wish to increase your post count, do try to share more information about your own tank or aquatic interests. Random off-topic posts will be frowned upon.

Moderators do not look kindly upon blatant post padding that is done to increase a post count. If you do so you may find your posts deleted. Posts asking 'why was my post deleted' will be deleted. Continual post padding after being warned may result in a temporary ban.

If you are desperate to sell something and don't have the patience to reach the required number of posts (25) to start threads in the Buy Sell Swap forum, we suggest you use an online auction site such as ebay.com.au, gumtree.com.au, petlink.com.au or thecornermarket.com.au

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a private message to a moderator.