2012 caboolture aquarium and terrarium competition

8th, 9th & 10th JUNE

1. Australian Native Rainbows and Sunfish
2. Any other variety of Native Fish
3. Goldfish
4. Livebearers
5. Anabantids and Fighters ** special Betta show included in this class
6. Design and Technique
7. Tetras, Rasboras, Danios.
8. Catfish
9. African and Asian Cichlids
10. American Cichlids
11. Any other variety
12. Novice (open to exhibitors who have never won a prize)
13. Community Tank (animals that live together in harmony)
(Preferences given to communities from the same geographical habitat)
14. Planted Aquarium
15. Furnished Aquarium of Terrarium
16. Children's Exhibit (5 to 16 years)
17. Novelty
18. Large Fish (Tank Busters)
19. Marine

Prizes and Awards

Best Display $150 Trophy and certificate
Champion Tropical $50 Trophy and certificate
Champion Cichlid $50 Trophy and certificate
Champion AOV $50 Trophy and certificate

Ist place in class $25 and certificate
2nd place in class $15 and certificate
3rd place in class $10 and certificate


a/ Entries to be either posted to "The Secretary" Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Inc. P.O. Box 118 Wamuran 4512, emailed to secretary@qah.org.au. and graemeday@optusnet.com.au or phoned to Cary Bielenberg on 0407 572 253 or Graeme Day on 0402 841 627.
b/ Entry Fee is $5.00 per nominated entry.
c/ Entries close 5pm Friday 25th May 2012, late entries may not be accepted due to space.
d/ Entry Fee must accompany the Entry Form. Cheques to be made payable to Caboolture & District PA & I Assn Ltd.
e/ Entries may be installed from Sunday 3rd June 2012 between 2.00pm and 10.00pm, Monday 4th June and Tuesday 5th June 2012
between 12.00pm and 10.00pm in the WD Williamson Pavilion.
f/ Hands out of entries at 10.00pm Tuesday 5th Junes 2012 and judging will be Wednesday night 6th June 2012.
g/ Equipment supplied includes - stands, lights, power supply and air supply.
h/ Exhibitors to supply;
Their own aquariums either;
(1) 600mm (long) x 380mm (high) x up to 450mm (wide) - 24" x 15" x 18" or
(2) 900mm (long) x 450mm (high) x up to 450mm (wide) - 36" x 18" x 18" or
(3) 1200mm (long) x 450mm (high) x up to 450mm (wide) - 48" x 18" x 18"
Their own Heaters, air tube and connectors and if required their own 1 x 1m (36") lead/powerboard (S.E.C. approved)
i/ Limited QAH tanks are available for use, first in first served basis.
j/ Up to 2 competing fish entries per tank are permitted. A 3rd entry per tank is only allowable in the case of a planted, furnished and community tanks.
k/ Class 6, Design and Technique class will be judges at 50 points for Design and 50 points for Technique. Fish will not count towards overall score. All plants, rocks, ornaments and gravel will be provided. There will be limited entries in this class.
l/ Fish to be judged to be nominated by exhibitor.
m/ All entries judges in accordance with QFAS judging criteria.
n/ Animals (any fish, invertebrates, amphibians or retiles) other than those nominated for judging may be included to improve the display.
o/ Where permits are required for display of animals/fish, copies must be provided to the stewards.
p/ When rare/new species are entered for judging, supporting documentation must be provided by exhibitor to ensure they are judged to standard critera else they will be judged at the Chief Stewards discretion.
q/ All entries are eligable for Best Display.
r/ Entries to be removed between 5.00pm and 9.00pm Sunday 10th June 2012.
s/ All care is taken with entries, but the Society accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages incured.
t/ Stewards collective decision is final.
u/ A copy of the rules and standards will be available upon request at all times.
v/ All entries must fit into supplied stands, NO free standing entries admitted.

For any queries concerning classes and conditions contact either the Chief Steward QAH, Cary Bielenberg on 0407 572 253 email: secretary@qah.org.au. or Graeme Day on 0402 841 627 email: graemeday@optusnet.com.au.
Alternatively check out more info on the QAH Website: www.qah.org.au.