Here is a complete list of Aquariumlife rules

Failing to read them is no excuse for not following them


Posts on AquariumLife should be written in English and we require members to spell correctly – to the best of their ability – and use punctuation. We do NOT require members to post in perfect English. We understand people come from a variety of backgrounds and appreciate some may have difficulty with grammar, sentence construction and spelling.

Common acronyms such as FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), BTW (By The Way), AquariumLife (AL) and IMO (In My Opinion) are acceptable. Likewise common abbreviations are also allowable, eg. units of measurement (kg, cm), chemical formulae (CO2, KNO3) etc.

The following are explicitly NOT permitted SMS, chatroom and instant messaging (IM) abbreviations, truncation of words, and intentional misspelling.

Examples of text NOT permitted include; u (you), ur (your), pls (please), ppl (people), mi (me), thx (thanks).

Reason for this policy:

AquariumLife members consist of people from a wide range of ages and background. While it is relaxing for some to post in SMS or IM lingo, it can be stressful for others to read. Not all members can understand SMS and IM lingo.

AquariumLife’s primary language is English and while our membership is predominantly Australian, we also have International members and visitors. For some, English is not their first language and reading truncated or misspelt English words is difficult.


The following rules apply to all areas of AquariumLife that a member may edit, including signature, avatar, title, etc:

Do NOT post or upload vulgar, abusive, obscene, pornographic or erotic materials as there is no age limit on this forum and many children - who are very welcome - are frequent users here.

Do NOT post or upload discriminatory content against another person's character, personal beliefs and/or subscriptions. This includes comments and/or material relating to race, religion, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender and age. Depending on the severity of the incident, the penalty will range from a simple warning to a permanent ban.

Do NOT use AquariumLife for political propaganda, campaigning or recruitment.

Do NOT use AquariumLife for religious propaganda or proselytising.

Politics and religion are sensitive topics and can lead to heated disagreements. AquariumLife is a forum for all aquarium hobbyist, regardless of their political leanings or religious beliefs, and we will not tolerate having the peaceful community being spilt on such topics. We also do not wish to be used as a platform for political or religious propaganda, recruitment or prolysetization.

Do NOT defame individuals, organizations or businesses.

Defamation is a written attack on a party's reputation and can put AquariumLife and/or yourself at risk of litigation.

If you have had a bad experience with another party and wish to share your experience in a truthful, neutral and factual manner you may submit your comments to the Moderating Team for approval to post. You must NOT attack or make judgement on the other party's character (e.g. you should not label the person as dishonest, unscrupulous, etc) or make unsubstantiated accusations. The readers themselves can judge for themselves from the events and facts of the incident.

Readers who respond to such posts must also avoid defamation.

Respect Intellectual Property Rights - copyright, trademarks, etc

The guidelines to IPR on the Internet are broad and not exactly concrete. In any case, the law still has the final say. In general:


Obtain permission from the copyright owner BEFORE you post or upload any text, images, videos, audio and other materials on to AquariumLife. The owner and source of the materials must be acknowledged clearly.

You may link to the actual materials hosted on the owner's site, as long as it is publicly available. You may NOT embed any copyrighted materials without permission from the owner. Embed means that the materials are displayed or playable on AquariumLife even though the embedded file is still hosted on the owner's site.

If the hosting site provides explicit code or other mechanisms to embed the materials (e.g. Youtube), you may assume permission is given.

Trademarks can be used:

As long as the use does NOT imply that the trademark owner is in anyway sponsoring, endorsing, or is represented by, the user or AquariumLife. We therefore strongly discourage the use of trademarks in user names, signatures, avatars etc.

Do NOT post low-value/meaningless comments just to obtain the privileges that come with post count. Offenders will see their useless posts deleted and ill-gotten privileges revoked.

Do NOT discuss nor reveal unofficial discounts for products or services that have RRP or published prices.

In some instances distributors have taken action against shops for selling products below the RRP and refused to supply product lines.

AquariumLife understands that many hobbyists often want just an idea of cost. Thus limited discussion of price is allowable given the following are abided by:

It is OK to mention RRP and prices before unofficial discounts.
It is OK to mention official promotions and discounts.
Do NOT reveal unofficial special prices or discounts and the shops that offer them.
Do NOT compare prices between shops.
Prices may ONLY be quoted in official currencies, ie. do NOT use coded phrases
Clearly indicate goods that are second-hand, custom-made, home-grown or home-bred.

Do NOT spam

Spammers will be dealt with severely. Advertisement spammers will be banned permanently.


The rules regarding advertising and trading on AquariumLife have previously been detailed. Please click HERE for the complete text.

The following is a summary:

Advertisements are ONLY allowed in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum. Adverts may not be placed in signatures or other forums within AquariumLife.

Posting in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum is ONLY allowed once a member has contributed 25 legitimate posts on AquariumLife. Low value and meaningless posts made in an attempt to achieve this post count will be deleted and ill-gotten privileges revoked. An explanation for this policy is available in the above link.

ALL advertisements MUST include a photograph of the goods being offered.

ALL items offered for sale MUST state the price in Australian dollars.

Auctions are NOT permitted.

Items offered for sale MUST state a price. “Make an offer” type advertisements are NOT permitted.

Do NOT hijack other member’s threads. Post your own advertisement.

Do NOT flip goods, ie. obtain items and then resell quickly for profit.

Do NOT advertise on behalf of another party.

Do NOT link to advertisements posted in other websites.

Do NOT bump your advertisement repeatedly. An acceptable frequency is once every 5 days.

Do NOT advertise illegal goods.

Members who wish to sell a large number of goods on an ongoing basis are required to take out a Trader subscription to AquariumLife.

ONLY aquarium related goods or services may be advertised.