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Thread: Freight Costs, Reasonable Packaging Costs and Guidelines.

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    Default Freight Costs, Reasonable Packaging Costs and Guidelines.

    To Help both buyers and sellers understand postage and packing costs for plants and shrimp the following guidelines are provided. This document is not intended for information regarding sending hardgoods.

    All Costs Are Current as of 6th June 2013.

    The most Common postage methods used are

    Standard Express Post

    Available in 500g, 3kg and 5kg bags.
    Delivery is next day ONLY 000 to 000 Postcodes, although sometimes next day might occur within the same state irrelevant of postcode.
    The Next Day Guarantee is CBD to CBD (000 to 000) only. NOT outer suburbs of CBD.
    You should NEVER expect express post parcels to arrive next day (although it can occasionally happen), Express post can still take up to 5 days, although 2-3 days is the most common time period. Express post now has a basic level of tracking, but typically it is only, 1. Sender sent, 2. On board for delivery, 3. Delivered. Nothing in between. There is no signature required, parcels are simply left on the doorstep.

    In order to ensure parcels are sent most expediently sellers should try to have there parcels at the post office as early as possible or before 4pm.

    500g Express Post Satchel $10.55
    3kg Express Post Satchel $14.80
    5kg Express post Satchel $23.60
    * Parcels that don't fit in Satchels may cost more than an equivalent satchel.

    Platinum Express Post.

    Available in 500g and 3kg ONLY.

    Platinum Express Post is a ASAP type service that is fully trackable, both online and by calling AusPost.
    Platinum bags are usually on the first flight, it is not uncommon for these parcels to arrive at there location within
    18 hours or less of being sent. Although they may take up to 48hrs to arrive if sent to regional areas. For some reason
    they take longer to get to PO boxes, i believe this is because they have to be double handled and are not part of the normal Aus Post route. It isn't neccessary to use a PO box address with platinum for reasons explained below.

    Platinum Parcels are delivered to your door and MUST be signed for, if you are not home they normally return these to your LPO where you can collect them during business hours (you will need ID to collect from LPO). If you are not going to be home suggest having these parcels sent to you at your place of work. Avoid using PO boxes as this might add a day to delivery.

    Platinum parcels should never be dropped into "express post" mailboxes, this causes them to be double handled and can delay them. Platinum parcels should always be dropped off at your LPO, ask your LPO when collections occur, most have collections 2-3 times per day. if you live in the city then last collection dropoff would mean shortest time period between drop off and delivery for sensitive parcels. If you are in remote area then check with your LPO if there is a early pickup and try to get your parcels on that.

    500g Platinum Express Post $15.50
    3kg Platinum Express $19.75
    There is NO 5kg platinum bag at this point in time.
    Larger than 3kg parcels can be sent but there is no satchel, It is at high cost, 5kg is about $75.


    Many people fail to understand the costs involved in mailing plants or shrimp, many buyers believe as they are paying money for goods then the seller should foot the bill. Which is not unreasonable if your buying something for $400 or more.

    However for anything under $100 of sensitive goods the cost of packaging, time and effort can make it completely not worthwhile for a seller to bother sending you anything. Remember that by private sellers posting your items they are burning up alot of there free time, and possibly spending money on travel expenses. They could be enjoying there free time instead of panicking about getting your parcel out.

    Reasonable Packaging Costs for Plants.

    A reasonable fee for packaging of plants would be up to $5, although in most cases a few bucks would suffice, many will absorb the costs if they have cheap packaging readily available.

    Plants should be packaged appropriately for the type of plant being sent.
    Plants packaged with water, MUST have sufficent water absorbing material included to soak up all water should the parcel leak. Quality Paper Towel folded up or around the parcel usually does the trick, most plants need only be kept moist and do not need to be shipped with water.

    Reasonable Packaging Costs for Shrimp

    Packaging shrimp for postage is a major pain in the bum, and also can be costly.

    There is many methods for sending shrimp some are fairly basic and have low cost, others are complex and have high cost.

    $5 is more than fair for packaging costs on top of the postage price for shipping shrimp, however in certain cases this can quickly rise to $15 or more. Depending on what is being sent, and it's value the seller may absorb some of the cost at his/her disgression. Be realistic if your buying $10 worth of shrimp, your gonna cop $15-20 postage there is no way around that.

    Shrimp should be shipped preferably using Kordon Breather bags, these do cost money although generally no more than $0.50-1 depending on size. The seller would have to obtain these from overseas in bulk qty. The reason you use these bags is you do not need to pack any air, as the bag itself can "breathe" meaning the shrimp can never run out of oxygen during transit. Equally as important however is that it almost eliminates "sloshing" so there is no noise to be heard, and the ride is much less stressful for the shrimp. If you do not have kordon bags, you can just ship in normal bags and again should be done without any airspace to eliminate sloshing BUT you cannot ship as many shrimp per the amount of water in case they run out of oxygen. With a Kordon bag you can easily send 50 shrimp in 250ml of water and they will be alive for 3-4 days without too much drama. In a normal plastic bag 10-15 would be a max in that much water.

    Once bagged correctly they need to be placed in a hard container, something that will reduce the chance of the bag inside being crushed. Many people like to use "klipit" style containers, and they are ideal however can cost $4-10 depending on size, it's not reasonable to expect the seller to pay $5 for the container to send you $10 worth of shrimp. Takeaway containers, Ice cream containers, margarine containers are also suitable low cost alternatives but not everyone has these spare, and if your sending 5 parcels you might only have 2 spare containers. Meaning the seller has to buy a suitable container.

    Foam Boxes, although generally not neccessary if required can set the seller back $5-15. For about $5 with a knife, a styrofoam sheet and some gaff you can knock one up and it can double as a hard container if you do a good job. Generally only needed in summer.

    Cool Pack, really only needed for CRS in summer along with a foam box a cooler pack to go in the package might set the seller back $4-10. Although some iceblocks in a sealed plastic bag will also work at a cost of $0.50, but must be kept separate from the shrimp bag as to not damage or overchill them.

    How much the packaging costs depends really of the value of the cargo and the sheer qty.

    Catching, Packing and sending shrimp is time consuming and most sellers will need half a day off work to send a few parcels out, so keep that in mind when you cough at the freight cost.

    Ensure that receiving plants or shrimp by parcel in your state is legal before proceeding

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    could this post do with an update of pricing?

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