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Thread: Aquascaping 101 (Basic design article)

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    helpfull Article... need more as educating. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangcla View Post
    Good read, thanks for this. Do you have any suggestions for smaller tanks vs larger tanks, what to do and not do, examples etc? I have a tank that's 14" deep, and I am afraid that if I use rockery to provide visual depth, it will cause the tank to look quite cramped.
    I'm not sure if I wrote anything about perspective, but playing with perspective can make small tanks look large.

    Human's make judgements about size by comparison, I could write a lot more about the principles behind this, but I would suggest this for a 'narrow' tank:

    1. Use small rocks
    2. Use plants with small leaves
    3. Use lot's of 'different' plants (increase visual complexity), the other way is to use very few plants (minimalist), but don't go inbetween
    3. Use very 'deep' and 'sweeping' scapes, the narrower the tank the deeper the hill needs to be to give a sense of depth. Most people are too conservative on the gradient of their hills!

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    hi friends
    its really very informational article mostly its pictures which are consist of plants and fishes. i also have seen before its really
    attractive scenes its my hobby and i also have such plants in my house.

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    cheers great help.. i will have to get the measuring tape out..

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    interesting, i like the dam wall idea with the piece of wood to create a step

    good post

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    Brilliant tips - thanx.... never thought about it like that.

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