Hey all!

I've seen this being done on APC and PT and finally had some spare time to make one myself..
As i understand it, "Wabi-kusa" is or means creating a moss ball and planting it with various aquatic and terrestrial plants, which is then kept semi submerged in a suitable container. (you can read a lot more about it on google)

Here's a bit of a guide, if someone's interested in making one themselves..

You'll need some clay (ideallyfrom a creek or river), spaghnum moss, scissors, fishing line or black cotton, tweezers, mosses, suitable aquatic and terrestrial plants.

I used different kinds of mosses, java moss, lichen, clover, selliganella, var. groundcover plants, japanese blood grass, lileopsis brasil., Ludwigia ovalis, Altherenthera. sp., Bacopa sp., Glosso, etc..

This is the clay ball wrapped in spaghnum moss:

Added different mosses and secured it again..

Added Java moss at the bottom, which will be always submerged: