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Thread: A Short Treatise on Image Enhancement vs. Retouching

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    this thread on PT just shows how common it is to photoshop images.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holotype View Post
    It seems that a lot of people with only a casual interest are automatically turning to such programs to enhance their photos and, as a result, they are conditioned to give each a little tweak, regardless of whether it needs it or not. It is hard to blame them as those who do not have a background or understanding of photography are encouraged to use automatic correction settings in many image processing software, such as those required to download or view images on digital cameras.

    To me, cropping and making basic changes to correct for camera deficiencies is one thing, but fixing up perceived faults, while seemingly innocent enough, does a disservice to those who wish to use the image as reference. Over saturation and excessive sharpening are prime examples seen in much amateur work. I have to say that the most satisfying photos I have taken are those that require the least post-processing work. Of course this is all purely subjective and everyone has different tastes.

    When it comes to photography (as opposed to imagery), to me there is a very big difference between "this is a photo of the subject as it was" and "this is a photo that has been fixed up". If you are presenting a photo of a fish that you expect people to use for reference, then it should be of the fish as it was, warts and all. However in the context of art (or perhaps even on-line photo competitions?), anything goes and, more often than not, does.

    I have a keen interest in Photography all digital I'm afraid. A couple of years ago I joined the local Photography Club and I was one of the first to join with a digital camera I was seen as being an outsider a non photographer as my photos were not slides, not B&W and not processed at the local Camera store.

    I found it interesting talking with the older photographers who would only take Black & white photo's and held a sub group monthly to develop their photo's.

    What surprised me the most was the amount of editing they actually did to each photo they produced, sure it was done in a dark room but it was still done and the final print was much different to what was originally taken.

    I belong to a Digital photography Competition site (No prizes) and they have strict rules as to when the photo must be taken and how it is edited, it must be a huge job to control all of that when they have 1000s of entries every week.

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    That was a funny post by that guy ... he blew up .... such a typical teenager haha .. oops ... I take that back better not step on anyone's toes :P

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    It always seems strange to me that black and white photographers who are the ultimate manipulators of "real life" and wholesale users of the darkroom criticise digital photography and what is done in the digital darkroom

    Don't forget too, as soon as we put our cameras on manual we are manipulating what is actually "there". Also, shooting in JPEG is not capturing the real world either. The camera makes a lot of decisions as to what the image will look like.

    I have been through all these arguments with my Photography Club as well. Resistance is useless. There will be a place for all the different media, it's just that the amount occupied by each, will change.



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    great info and very handy to know. i just use a compact camera that is 10mp and set on ai mode. it takes great photos and i never have to enhance even if i tried (computer illeterate) lol and photos dont do justice if you have a really nice clean looking tank with awesome lighting.

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