My Fabulous box of Guppy Genes from Fishchick.[anyone jealous?]

  1. anthonyrae
    I am taking a break from unpacking the guppies I received from Jodi today.
    These are all trios except the Platinums where I got 2 trios.
    Albino Full Platinum Swallow
    Medusa Swallow
    Albino Red See-Thru
    Platinum Blue Grass Swallow
    Albino Coral Red Double Sword
    Albino Full Red Swallow
    Albino Red Lace
    Black Moscow Swallow
    I reckon I need more Albinos.
    Many thanks to Jodi and also BetteBette who threw in a breeding group of her gorgeous Flamenco Dancers.
    Anyone who wants pics can see them on Goldpisces website.
  2. Forever-mango
    Thats a very nice list Anthony.

    How much did this cost you?
  3. anthonyrae
    Around $550 Stephen.Well worth it if you saw them.
    I'm going to order more coz there are plenty more I would like.
  4. kev267
    awesome selection of guppies there. anyone know when fishchick will be getting new batch?
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