The Crypt List

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  1. siemanthepieman
    A list of Crypts being grown in Australia

    Crypt Albida
    Crypt Albida "costata"
    Crypt Albida "korthause"
    Crypt Beckettii
    Crypt Beckettii "Petchii"
    Crypt Cordata "Blassii"
    Crypt Cordata "Rosenervis"
    Crypt Cordata "Siamensis"
    Crypt Crispatula
    Crypt Crispatula "balansae" (broad green leaf)
    Crypt Crispatula "balansae" (narrow red leaf)
    Crypt Lucens
    Crypt Nevellii
    Crypt Nurii
    Crypt Parva
    Crypt Pontederiifolia
    Crypt Retrospiralis
    Crypt Spiralis
    Crypt Undulata "Green"
    Crypt Undulata "Red"
    Crypt Walkeri "Lutea"
    Crypt Wendtii
    Crypt Wendtii "Red"
    Crypt Wendtii "Green"
    Crypt Wendtii "MiOya"
    Crypt Wendtii "Tropica"
    Crypt Wendtii "Green Gecko"
    Crypt Xwillisii

    Please add additional species in a post below and I will update above.
  2. pilchard
    Can we try and get a photo up of each species as we flower them for positive identification?
  3. BrianS
    I was wondering about the best place for flower pics. I keep adding to the Crypt society part, I was thinking that would be the best place because it's an area that shows up in a google search. Perhaps a thread for each one in here showing photo's of flowers and various stages of growth?
  4. pilchard
    I am about to flower Crypt. Cordata Var. Siamensis 'Aquagreen' so can include it in the data base.

    For those that dont understand Biological latin...

    Crypt. = Cryptocoryne
    Cordata Var. = A cordata with a Varietal name, which means there are more than one with varying degrees of traits, colours and flower/leaf forms.
    Siamensis = The variety name. eg. 'Rosanervig'
    'Aquagreen' = Either the clonal name i have given this plant or a name that describes the Grower/plant or any name you want to give it to differentiate it from another.
  5. BrianS
    Awesome, my Siamensis surprised me recently with the colours it displayed on the spathe. It has looked nothing like any I've found pictures of. I'm keen to see more flowers from that plant.

    The Cordata naming system is something I've read as being "under review". The proper names for Blassii, Rosenervis and Siamensis is supposed to be C. Cordata var Cordata with all 3 grouped under the same name. Crazy! But most people opt to go for the system Tropica has adopted which is C. Cordata ("siamensis"). No wonder people throw there hands in the air over crypt naming. Not even the experts agree. I'm happy to go with what you are using.
  6. siemanthepieman
    I think one system is a good idea. It looks like pilchard knows more than I. I will amend my list (really your list Brian) to reflect what pilchard has suggested. At least we will have a common labelling system, even if it differs slightly from what others use.

    Just so I'm clear, what I have in double quotation marks should not in double quotation marks but should be preceded by 'var.' and what I have in brackets should be in single quotation marks?
  7. BrianS
    C. Albida (Aquagreen)
    C. Albida Var. Costata (Aquagreen)
    C. Albida Var. Korthause (Aquagreen)
    C. Beckettii (Aquagreen)
    C. Beckettii Var. Petchii - should it be C. Petchii?
    C. Cordata Var. Blassii (Aquagreen)
    C. Cordata Var. Rosenervis (Aquagreen)
    C. Cordata Var. Siamensis (Aquagreen)
    C. Crispatula (Aquagreen)
    C. Crispatula Var. Balansae (broad green leaf)
    C. Crispatula Var. Balansae (Aquagreen) (narrow red leaf)
    C. Lucens - This is a old name, it's now classed as a xwillissii. Waiting for a flower
    C. Nevellii (Aquagreen)
    C. Nurii (Fishchick)
    C. Parva (Aquagreen)
    C. Pontederiifolia (Aquagreen)
    C. Retrospiralis (Aquagreen)
    C. Spiralis (Aquagreen)
    C. Undulata Var. Green
    C. Undulata Var. Red
    C. Walkeri Var. Lutea
    C. Wendtii
    C. Wendtii Var. Red (Aquagreen)
    C. Wendtii Var. Green
    C. Wendtii Var. MiOya
    C. Wendtii Var. Tropica
    C. Wendtii Var. Green Gecko
    C. Xwillisii
  8. pilchard
    If we were talking orchids the name would read
    C. Crispatula Var. Balansae 'broad green leaf' The brackets are not needed as the clonal name ('broad green leaf') will carry for that plant its whole life. I am going off an internationaly accepted system used for Orchids for many years.
    We also may encounter problems with some of Daves and others plants unless they have propegated from just 1 individual plant. They may have genetic diversity if propogated from several original plants, but thats a bridge we can cross when needed. The easiest solution would be to label the clonal names with numbers eg 'Aquagreen', 'Aquagreen #1', 'Aquagreen #2' etc...etc...
  9. rufus
    Good on you guys, for getting this off the ground!

    I WISH I still had one to add to the list - I was keeping C. lingua about 3 years ago which I purchased from Pisces. I did pass it on to a couple of folks but, to the best of my knowledge, they weren't able to keep it going. Main reason I bring it up is it may still be on Pisces stock list. Of course it may not, but it's a hell of a lot easier to get it from them than OS

    I also knew some folks in Bris who imported some TC crypts about 6 or so years back, including genuine C. tonkinensis, C. usteriana and C. usteriana 'broad'. Oh, for a dollar for every time I've heard a story about 'the crypt the got away'

    All the best guys. When my life settles down a bit more next year, I'd love to help you out!
  10. BrianS
    I've not seen any of those 4 in person yet. There have been pictures posted of usteriana on AL before not that long ago. I was contacted by a member here that a friend of theirs was chasing that plant recently as well. They had kept it for several years and had just lost it, they were looking for a replacement. They were pretty devastated as they knew it was rare. It must still be around, it should be an easy one to grow in an aquarium from what I've read.
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