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    In 1995 Dave and Robyn Wilson started a small business called Aquagreen. The aim was to produce a few plants for a local Darwin aquarium shop.

    The business is a small licensed Aquaculture facility located at Howard Springs in the Northern Territory. Aquagreen produces the more common varieties of aquarium plants for the local aquarium shops. Aquagreen encourages the use of native plants for aquaria, but, apart from a few easy to grow species, many natives do not fare well after a couple of weeks in a shop display tank. Many native species require high light levels and attention to water quality management.

    Aquagreen sells a range of native aquatic plants, fish and invertebrates, many of which are highly sought after by our members. Aquagreen has also has developed a range of planted aquarium products, the "Dino" range, Aquagreen also supplies other raw chemical fertilisers.

    Rotala mexicana

    Iriatherina werneri "Threadfin Rainbowfish"

    Caridina sp WA 4 "North Australian Chameleon Shrimp"

    Aquagreen's Dino Pee Plant Fertiliser.

    Aquagreen has been a sponsor of Aquariumlife since 2006, Dave visits the forum often and is a very well respected, knowledgeable and generous member, you can find him under his handle Dave. Dave often shares his aquatic exploits with us, puddle pirating all over the Northern Australia discovering new plant and animal species for the aquarium hobby.

    If you wish to contact Aquagreen through the forum, Aquagreen has it's own subforum, you may PM Dave, otherwise you can email aquagreen (aqua.green@bigpond.com.au) or visit the Aquagreen website.