• End of year winners

    Congratulations To Flimsyfrog,Khemo and Alteclansing




    Will sort out all prizes this coming week.
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    1. cidlyana's Avatar
      cidlyana -
      really beautiful
    1. RedLineR's Avatar
      RedLineR -
    1. fuzzmeister's Avatar
      fuzzmeister -
      On my laptop i cannot see the entire photos, and i cannot click on it to view fullscreen, please fix, where is the gallery link? i would think this would be an important feature of such a site!

    1. Lady Polyester's Avatar
      Lady Polyester -
      awsome, especially the first one. It has given me ideas of how to re-do my tank. Cheers
    1. Highstick Society's Avatar
      Highstick Society -
      wow guys, this is why i am here, to learn how to make my tanks nice like this... good job guys. so nice to look at.
    1. xylomelum's Avatar
      xylomelum -
      Great tanks guys
      allot of work there
      Done well, Beautiful to look at
    1. dgovus's Avatar
      dgovus -
      The detail in the first tank is just endless! Can anyone tell me the size of the tank?
    1. Sacrilicious's Avatar
      Sacrilicious -
      Wow - they look great!
    1. SuperWen's Avatar
      SuperWen -
      @fuzzmeister: right click->copy image location->paste in new tab
    1. Beowulf's Avatar
      Beowulf -
      Cool scapes!
    1. Parcow's Avatar
      Parcow -
      Fantastic guys. Great work.
    1. aquariumflies's Avatar
      aquariumflies -
      Beautiful scapes!
    1. djg's Avatar
      djg -
      wow, great work. inspiring!
    1. BettaBetta's Avatar
      BettaBetta -
      Way to go you boyz, well done Y'all just lucky my Goldy tanks werent' entered is all I can say, mwahahahaha - Kham & Hil will know the hidden meaning there, wink.
    1. Davew's Avatar
      Davew -
      Wow, truly superb tanks!! Very inspiring. Now to get my new Aqua one 850 looking like these.......
    1. cory1's Avatar
      cory1 -
      After looking at these entries, I am gob smacked at the talent out there...and Di I am sure your Goldy tanks would be stunning
    1. hally69's Avatar
      hally69 -
      love them especially the first one
    1. fishforlife's Avatar
      fishforlife -
      brilliant photography! love the colours.
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