• Bresedium brevipes - Freshwater Crab

    These crabs are in the Sesarmidae family, here is what Peter Davie from the Queensland Museum sent me:

    Bresedium brevipes (de Man, 1889)

    Distribution: QLD (NE coast); central Indo-west Pacific Oceans (Indo-Malaysia, Philippines).

    Ecology: burrowing, estuarine, mangrove, swamp, intertidal.

    Peter Davie has "...collected them in upper estuarine mangroves as well as from the edges of freshwater sections of small creeks somewhat further upstream than the mangrove zone, but larval development still requires brackish to marine estuarine conditions."

    So that Answers that then, they are not a true freshwater crab.

    Have been keeping these guys for almost six months. They hunt on land, striking down their prey in a flash. These little assassins are ruthless when insect prey is available and even try to attack my finger sometimes now during feeding time.


    CVW_8352 by chrisvanwykdotcom, on Flickr


    CVW_8658 by chrisvanwykdotcom, on Flickr

    They spend most of their time out of the water, exploring/foraging for food or in their humid burrow. When prey is available they dart out, snatch it up and retreat to the shelter.

    They enter the water to shed their shells when required, usually at night. They also retreat to the water if exposed/threatened.

    Collected from the banks of a freshwater rainforest stream, close to the coast
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      From this thread, which contains extra information:
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